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All Report Functions

After a Reasonable Compensation Report has been initiated there are quite a few functions available by clicking on the Options…. drop down

The options available will vary depending on what stage the report is in and which type of report it is. Reports are generally in one of three states

  1. Initiated but not yet complete
  2. Completed but not yet finalized
  3. And reports that have been finalized and locked

Reports are editable for up to 30 days after they are viewed and are displayed as a DRAFT. After 30 days the report will automatically lock and the draft watermark will disappear.

Your key to any report option is down below:

-          Send Interview Link will send an email invitation to your client to complete the online interview when it is convenient for them

-          Edit Interview will open the online interview on your computer

-          Edit Report Inputs will open the input screen right in your dashboard

-          Delete Report is only available for reports not locked and cannot be undone

-          Client Profile will take you to your client’s profile as will clicking on their name

-          View Log will display an activity log for the report

-          Send Report Link will send a pdf copy of the report to your client, very similar to Send Interview Link

-          Advisor Worksheet is where you can manually make adjustments to the reasonable compensation figure and add additional information and notes to the report

-          View/Print Report will open a pdf copy of the report on your computer

-          Lock Report if you need to finalize and lock a report before the 30 day edit period is up. This will remove the DRAFT stamp, however this option is final and cannot be undone.