Comprehensive Software Demo & Case Study [Video] | RCReports Learning Center

Comprehensive Software Demo & Case Study [Video]

Please join us for a comprehensive look at RCReports software.  This video includes getting started with you first client through account administration.  We then walk through a case study and include pricing and billing strategies from our users.

Jump to what you are looking for with the time stamps below (or link to them with Vimeo)!

Intro/Background/Overview & Agenda 0:00 
Demo: Registering/Creating an account with RCReports 2:47 
Demo: Login & Change your Password 4:01 
Demo: Adding your first Client 4:21 
Demo: Choosing a Report - Purpose & Approaches 6:06 
Demo: The Clients Tab 10:07 
Demo: The Reports Tab 11:53 
Demo: Drop down options for reports 12:15 
     Send Interview link to a client 12:25 
     Edit Interview/Report 13:11 
     Advisors Worksheet 13:20 
     Send Report link to a client 13:28 
     View/Print Report 13:38 
     Lock Report 13:55 
     Delete Report 14:08 
     View Log 14:26 
Demo: The Administration Tab 14:31 
     Adding and managing additional users 15:06 
     Opting in/out of the referral network 16:59 
     Re-assigning clients 17:57 
     Upload your logo 18:40 
Demo: The Tools Tab 18:57 
     Warp Speed Wages 19:00 
     Entity Planner 22:15 
     Resource Library 23:23 
     Continuing Education 25:27 
Demo: The My Profile Tab 25:44 
Demo: The Help Tab 26:13 
Demo: The Subscription Tab 26:38 
Case Study: Stone Concrete 26:52 
Case Study: The Cost Approach 27:51 
Case Study: The Market Approach 41:30 
Case Study: The Income Approach 47:02 
Demo: Pricing & Billing Strategies 51:50 
Wrap-Up/Special Offer 52:47